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Facts About Organics

Nash Brothers Trading Company Organic products are certified under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). 

Ninety-five percent of the finished product must be grown under certified organic conditions.  All product content is strictly regulated.  Any sub-ingredient that is not organic itself must be a minor ingredient from a controlled list of materials that are not available in organic format. 

With organic grown products, you get taste and nutrition.  With organic grown products, you get an agricultural product that was grown by nature, not science. 

Key facts on what you do not get from organics:

  • No synthetic herbicides or pesticides used in the field, which results in no poisons being brought to your table or release of them into the environment to kill native plants and insects.
  • No synthetic fertilizers used in the field meaning no contribution to agricultural pollution in the form of field run off.  This also helps protect water quality and aquatic life from local freshwater streams all the way to the oceans of the world.  
  • Synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are typically made from petroleum.  Organic production does not perpetuate a dependence on limited fossil fuel resources.
  • No genetically modified organisms which means no supporting production of foods that have engineered genetics that flow from one field to the next and further into the environment. 

If seeking high nutritional value and a reduced risk of exposure to toxins, organic offers peace of mind.

A commitment to choosing local and regionally produced foods is a core value of the organic movement.  Consumers and family farmers working together to support local systems form a sustainable partnership.

Organic farming methods are helping to heal our earth by returning vitality and nutrients to the soil and keeping air and water safe from pollution caused by toxic pesticides and herbicides.  Eating organic food is a great way to protect the environment.